Arsalan Shahid works as a Technology Solutions Lead and serves as the Head of CeADAR Connect Group (CCG) at Ireland's National Centre for Applied AI (CeADAR). Serving as a “connection between CeADAR and industry clients and members” and engaging with a range of industry verticals, the CeADAR Connect group delivers AI/ML-focused R&D and technology solutions to the clients.

Previously, Arsalan worked as a research scientist in the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics, Ireland. Arsalan contributed to a number of technology projects funded by European Commission H2020, Enterprise Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland, and ICT R&D Ignite Pakistan. His research is in advanced healthcare data analytics using AI/ML, intelligent cloud-based technologies, and high-performance supercomputing and embedded computing platforms.

Arsalan received his MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology, Washington USA and a PhD in High-performance Computing from University College Dublin, Ireland. He graduated as a gold medalist for the best final year project in BS Electrical Engineering from HITEC University, Pakistan.

His research has produced high-quality scientific papers in well-reputed international journals, conferences, and books. Furthermore, he also served as a reviewer at many reputed venues, i.e., Elsevier FGCS, Elsevier VLSI, IEEE Access, MDPI Energies, MDPI Electronics, IEEE/ACM CCGRID 2017, etc. He was awarded outstanding contributions in reviewing by Elsevier in 2017 and 2018.

Arsalan served as a member of the European Network for Sustainable Ultrascale Computing (NESUS). Arsalan is accredited with Pakistan Engineering Council and is a member of the Energy-Efficient High-Performance Computing Working Group (EE HPC WG).

He has interests in:

> Advanced AI/ML-based healthcare analytics,
> AI/ML-based Intelligent Cloud Computing,
> Energy-aware and High-Performance Computing, and
> Advanced computer architecture,