Research & Professional Activities

Technology Solutions Lead @ CeADAR – Ireland’s National Centre for Applied AI, UCD, Dublin (March 2022 – Present)

  • Serving as the head of the CeADAR Connect Group (CCG). 
  • Providing technology development, scientific research, and training-based solutions for applied AI in various industry verticals including ICT, healthcare, finance, agriculture, Edtech, etc.
  • Technology collaborator on various national and EU-funded projects and consortiums. 

Research Scientist @ Insight SFI Centre of Data Analytics, UCD, Dublin 

  • Worked on an EU-Funded H2020 funded project and an Enterprise Ireland Funded DTIF project in the areas of healthcare and data analytics.

Researcher (PhD) @ Huawei Irish Research Center (IRC), Dublin 

Worked on the following projects:

  1. Machine learning-based anomaly detection framework for Metrics in Intelligent Cloud Monitoring.
  2. Anomaly detection algorithm for latency for intelligent trace selection framework.
  3. Resource optimization for next-generation cloud-based data centres supporting Huawei Intent-Driven Networks (IDN).

Doctoral Researcher @ Heterogeneous Computing Lab (HCL), UCD, Dublin 

The Heterogeneous Computing Laboratory (HCL) aspires to be one of the world research leaders in the field of high-performance heterogeneous computing. The vision is to propose and develop innovative ideas, models, algorithms and tools aimed at efficient and reliable solutions to the most challenging scientific and engineering problems on modern highly heterogeneous and hierarchical HPC platforms.

Research Associate @ EMWITECH 

EMWITECH is a research platform for Embedded and Wireless Technology. This platform covers research in the domain of Advanced computer architecture specifically buffer architectures, Reconfigurable Multicore processors and Artificial intelligence. EMWITECH also focuses on research in the area of computer networks, Network security and secure communication.

Team lead in a research project titled, “EMWIBENCH: A Benchmark suite for Hard Real-time Systems”

Research Assistant @ Advanced Computer Architecture Lab, HITEC University, Pakistan 

(Contributions & Tasks) As a RA my duties/tasks and contributions in this project were,

  • Mathematical modeling of energy and throughput for Caches in MPSoCS and analytical evaluation/ verification of models.
  • Exploring Cycle accurate full system simulators i.e. MARSS. Developing configuration for XEON multicore processors and various other processor simulators e.g Cacti, MCPAT etc.
  • Updating OS on system simulators, Kernel level OS optimization, Analyzing various processor parameters
  • Development of parallel programming models, Development of Hard real-time Benchmarks. Improving JetBench


  • Technical Advisor @ Simplify AI International [July 2023 – Present]
  • Technical Advisor @ Aroob Technologies Ltd [Jan 2020 – Present]
  • President @ TecHub – Igniting curiosity and bringing ideas under the spotlight [Nov 2015 – Sept 2016]

Teaching Activities

Lecturer @ School of Computer Science, UCD, Dublin (September 2019 – January 2020)

Snr. Demonstrator @ School of Computer Science, UCD, Dublin (September 2016 – December 2021)

Following is the list of modules I demonstrated at UCD:

  • Unix Programming (COMP20200) – Spring 2020
  • Parallel and Cluster Computing (COMP30250) – Fall 2019
  • Introduction to Operating Systems (COMP20070) – Spring 2019
  • Computer Programming II (COMP10120) – Spring 2019
  • Unix Programming (COMP20200) – Spring 2019
  • Data Science in Practice (COMP30780) – Spring 2019
  • Processor Design (COMP30080) – Fall 2018
  • Digital System (COMP20020) – Fall 2018
  • Computer Science for Engineers II (COMP20080) – Fall 2018
  • High-Performance Computing (COMP40730) – Spring 2018
  • Information Visualisation (COMP30750) – Spring 2018
  • Computer Programming II (COMP10120) – Spring 2018
  • Unix Programming (COMP20200) – Spring 2018
  • Processor Design (COMP30080) – Fall 2017
  • Digital System (COMP20020) – Fall 2017
  • Object-orientated programming (COMP30070) – Fall 2017
  • Computer Programming II (COMP10120) – Spring 2017
  • Unix Programming (COMP20200) – Spring 2017
  • Cloud Computing (COMP41110) – Fall 201TI