This week at IHPCSS was special. What makes it special (interesting and joyful) is the gathering of world-class researchers and students from Europe, USA, Japan and Canada in HPC. I got a vast exposure of HPC applications in life sciences, astrophysics, cosmology, biotechnology, material simulations and climate change.

Being funded by PRACE and UCD, it was a good experience for me to be a part of this diverse community making rich and significant contributions to the society.

I presented my postre on identified issues in linear PMC-based energy consumption models for modern multicore platforms. It was good to listen to other people admiring our work. It was even more fun while answering to researchers with critical feedback on our work.

What else? umm made a lot of connections, found a few potential collaborators, got access to new HPC resources in Europe and … got a chance to visit Vienna¬† (Austria), Prague, and Brno (Czech Republic) other than the IHPCSS venue (Ostrava – Czech).

Link to my postre presentation: ihpcss-poster-arsalan


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